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 Collector’s Items

Our showroom and merchandise are constantly evolving, with unique and one of a kind art pieces a way of doing business, right in the heart of Iowa, right here in the heartland of the USA!

From time to time, our manufacturers retire an item and it is no longer available for sale UNLESS there is one in a showroom! We will feature these exclusive items on our Collector’s page.

You are one of a kind and your home should be too! Find those impossible to have items here, at Home Interiors.

Stickley’s 2015 Collector’s Item – The Gus Woven Leather Bench! Register for yours today! 

Stickley 2015 Collector's Edition Gus Woven Bench with serving tray SOLD

Stickley 3-panel Screen 89-1091-032 (retired) $2,255  3 panel Collector's Screen

Stickley Mission Three Panel Fabric Screen – Hand Embroidery


Limited Edition

Sale price $2,255  (Retired)

Only 500 were made with the hand embroidery screen

Detail on embroidered screen

Stickley 2014 Collector’s Edition – Limited Anniversary Edition Eastwood Chair 

As of September 1, 2014 – this chair is SOLD OUT! We sold 2 of the 100 originally available.

This gorgeous collector’s item will grace it’s new home for a lifetime! 

Stickley Collectors Chair Limited Anniversary Edition Eastwood Chair sold - no longer available at Home Interiors

The Limited Anniversary Edition Eastwood Chair, with a matching ottoman, is sold as a set and is priced at $9,999.

Only 100 chairs will be created!

History of the Chair
The chair was made for the Dalai Lama three times, specially for the spiritual leader’s speaking appearances. According to Aminy I. Audi, Chairman and CEO of Stickley, the first chair was commissioned for a visit by the Dalai Lama to the University of Buffalo in 2006. In 2008, Colgate University commissioned a copy of the chair for a visit there. And in 2012, a third chair was crafted for the Dalai Lama when he spoke at the University of Syracuse.

The chair created for the Dalai Lama was enlarged to allow him to pull his legs up and sit cross-legged, a position he prefers. Like the three chairs that the Dalai Lama sat in, the Limited Anniversary Edition Eastwood Chair is handcrafted in the U.S. It’s constructed of solid quartersawn white oak and features luxurious brown leather cushions and two throw pillows. It measures 47.75 inches wide x 38.5 deep x 36.75 high.

For a limited time only, you can register for a

2014 Stickley Collector Edition Tree of Life Book Stand! 


Home Interiors offers the Stickley 2014 Collectors Edition Tree of Life Book Stand


Wine rack Sold


2013 Limited Edition Stickley’s  Collectors piece MISSION WINE RACK

                    Regular price $1665    Sale price  $999

Features removable tray that exposes a storage compartment containing a cherry cheese board.  Harvey Ellis inspired inlay on top rail.    Capacity to store 20 bottles of wine.  Dovetail and pinned and tenon construction.  Shoe foot base offers stability. Available to order in Oak or Cherry in all the finishes.  

                                  Cherry 11 Madison. There were 1,130 out of Oak and ONLY 579 total out of cherry ever made!  

89/91 2013-CE.  

Joe Ruggiero Joe's Pie Cut Table 39280

Joe’s Pie Cut Table #39280

We are proud to offer 3 collector’s edition signed Joe Ruggiero Joe’s Pie Cut Table -signed in store by Joe Ruggiero himself!

H23″ x R20″ Top x 7″ Shelf

We only have 5 of these collector’s item tables! We will ship, at the buyer’s expense. 

  • 3 in stock Seely Oak – Signed by Craftsman Rich Moore & dated 4.03.08 with the Gat Creek logo and signed by famed designer Joe Ruggiero!
  • 1 in stock Natural Cherry – Signed by Craftsman Russell Weller & dated 4.03.08 with the Gat Creek logo and signed by  Joe Ruggiero!
  • 1 in stock Seely Oak – Signed in showroom by Joe Ruggiero!


Stickley Edinburgh Hill House Sideboard Cherry 8754 GTK Retired


Stickley Edinburgh – Hill House Sideboard

Cherry Dundee Finish # 8754 GTK

64 x 21 x 41

Retired – Collector’s Item $4,210 

(Retail Price $6,015)

Stickley Sideboard with Splash Oak 89-8A-54 Retired

Stickley Sideboard with Splash 

Oak, Aurora Finsh 54 # 89-8A-54

Retired Collector’s Item $2,428 

(Retail Price $3,468)

Pomona End Table #29130 Retired SOLD

Pomona End Table

Driftwood and Black Metal Finish

# 29130 CAI

Retired Collector’s Item $ 773 

(Retail Price $1104) 


Quoizel Lamp available at Home Interiors Cedar Falls Iowa

Quoizel Table Lamp TF-6133VB (retired) $975


Stickley Collectors Blanket Chest available at Home Interiors sold

 Stickley 2006 Collectors Cherry Gus Chest Limited Edition

91-1095-003 Aged Old Mansion

Regular price  $1,354  Sale price $698

Bears a burned in decal of Gustav Stickley’s Als ik Kan Shopmark, flemish for “If I Can” or “All I Can”

Only 687 were made in Cherry

Only 1454 were made in Oak

Collectors items SOLD at Home Interiors Furniture Store Cedar Falls Iowa

Stickley 2007 Harvey Ellis Collectors Table  Limited Edition in Oak

89-1017-31 and 35 $577

Only 1,621 were made in Oak.

Only 703 were made in Cherry.


Stickley 2012 Collectors Cabinet Limited Edition

91-2012-R-CE-92N $999

Only 2628 were made in Oak

Only 1374 were made in Cherry